Being a photographer opens up the doors to a wide variety of projects and sometimes those projects take you somewhere magical. When I was invited to Saint Barthélemy with WIMCO Villas to shoot for their Vendome Guide, I almost fell out of my chair while reading the initial email inviting me to shoot the assignment.

St. Barths with Wimco Villas

The Vendome Guide

The Vendome Guide is a publication that’s distributed every two years to highlight the luxurious villas and island life on St. Barths. While the food scene is incredible and offers something for everyone, I was sent to focus on the convenience of cooking in at the villa. I developed, styled and shot two island-inspired recipes, and the villa was so stunning, we ended up cooking-in all but one night.

St. Barths with Wimco Villas

How To Get There

Getting to St. Barths is an adventure. You can’t fly direct from Chicago, because the island has one of the shortest runways in the world. This means only really, really tiny planes and private jets can access it. With connection flights through San Juan, Puerto Rico (about a 50 minute flight to the island) or St. Martin (about a 15 minute flight to the island), you can choose an option that works best for your travels.

Tradewind Aviation

We opted to connect through San Juan, because Tradewind Aviation is known for their wonderful customer service and reliable scheduling. And, for someone who can be a fearful flyer, believe me when I say, they ran a very smooth and professional operation. The views were incredible and the drinks onboard were a really nice touch.

St. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco Villas

Our Concierge

When we arrived on the island, our concierge, Jules, was there to help us get our rental car and guide us to our villa. The roads were very windy and thin with some steep hills in the mix. It took a minute to get used to this, but Jules was patient with us and made sure we were safe and sound at the villa.

St. Barths with Wimco Villas

The Villa

I won’t forget the calming sounds of the waterfall fountain and the gorgeous smells of flowers as we walked up to enter the villa. Villa VUE was located high on the hillside in Columbier with panoramic views of nearby islands and Gustavia Harbor. The name actually means “The View” and it felt like it greeted us with open arms. The large, partially covered deck that extended the entire length of the villa with an infinity pool drew us right in. All the rooms in the villa faced the view with floor-to-ceiling glass & screen doors that could be wide open or closed. We were in complete awe of the beauty that surrounded us and it was ours for the next five days.

St. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco Villas

The Photo Shoots

My photo shoots consisted of a couple of early morning trips into Gustavia harbor. I got to meet with the local fisherman and pick up some fresh-off-the-boat seafood for the recipes. Mike graciously helped me prep the recipes in the fully-equipped kitchen, and needless to say, we had a very productive and beautiful “work day.” I wish every work day could be so pretty and mellow. We enjoyed the views, we played music and we cooked and ate the recipes for lunch and dinner. It was probably the freshest seafood we had ever tasted.

St. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasAfter wrapping up the shoots early in the week, we had some time to play. Although we could have had Jules deliver things to the villa for us, we wanted to check things out for ourselves. And, since the beaches, markets and restaurants were only about a 5-7 minute drive, it was very convenient to do so.

St. Barths with Wimco Villas

The Food

Although the island is french-inspired, the cuisine offers something for palettes of all cultures. There are several varieties of restaurants to enjoy ranging from toes-in-the-sand casual lunch and dinner spots to fine dining and clubs. La Gloriette and O’corail were two of our favorite casual lunch spots located on the Grand Cul de Sac beach. We also loved our fine dining lunch experience at Cheval Blanc located on one end of Flamands Beach. The one night that we decided to go out to dinner, we decided to hit a local island favorite, Maya’s. This laid-back, but upscale restaurant has been around since 1984 and serves only the freshest local ingredients. This means the menu is constantly changing. It’s just one of those spots that you’ll want to return to every time you visit the island.

St. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasSt. Barths with Wimco VillasNeedless to say, hanging out at the villa was our favorite experience of all. It had everything we needed with the freshest seafood only 5 minutes away. The real beauty of being on an island like St. Barths was that we felt like we could relax when we wanted to and find energy when we wanted to… we are dreaming of the day we get to go back.

St. Barths with Wimco VillasWith the devastating hurricanes that hit the island and surrounding areas this year, the Vendome Guide publication was postponed to allow the island to recover. I wanted to share a little shout out here on the blog while we wait and you can keep track of more updates on Wimco Villas Facebook Page and the Wimco Villas Instagram.

Once the Vendome Guide is published, I will be sure to share it with you so you can read a full recap of our experience and grab the recipes that I developed and shot while we were there.

It should be published in 2018.


Disclosure: Thank you to Wimco Villas for partnering with me and inviting me to St. Barths to shoot for the Vendome Guide. As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you to my readers for supporting the brands and companies that keep me cooking, shooting and traveling.


All images ©Regan Baroni 2017.

  1. mike says:

    These images are spectacular! You really have captured the experience of St. Barts for us. What an incredible experience on an unforgettable island. Thank you!

    • Regan says:

      It was so beautiful there… I’m especially missing it now as the weather gets chilly. So glad we were able to share that trip together!

  2. Gorgeous photos lady!

    • Regan says:

      Oh, thank you so much, Lindsay! It was an incredible opportunity – such a gorgeous island. Hope all is going well with you!

  3. tim says:

    Thanks for the nice story. !
    I might suggest that you consider starting the story up at the top.
    If I had not gone though all the pictures, I would never have seen the very wonderful story at the end..
    just sayin’

    • Regan says:

      Hi Tim! Thank you for this suggestion – I’ll try it out. I moved the story up in between the images as you scroll through… I think it’s a good idea. Cheers!

  4. […] Mike and I got back from St. Barths recently, which was a truly unbelievable and incredible trip. I hope you were able to follow along with some of the Instagram images and stories, but in case you weren’t, I’m excited to share that there’s more to come in a future post! […]

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