I get A LOT of questions about the equipment I use, so I decided to create a blog post listing my current gear for food photography ranging from my camera and lenses to my studio lights and travel bags. I’ll keep this post updated as I add new “must-have” items to the list. You can also check out my Amazon Store.

Note: This post was updated in May 2020. I shoot Nikon and all the gear I list is compatible with Nikon. Make sure the gear you consider purchasing is compatible with your camera brand and model.

See what gear I use as a professional food photographer ranging from cameras and lenses to lighting equipment and travel bags. Read more.


My Camera

Nikon D750

I currently shoot with the Nikon D750. This camera is a power horse and my current go-to camera that I use for all my shoots. Before I bought it, I was deciding between getting the Nikon D750 or the Nikon D810. I rented both camera bodies and didn’t really see a difference in my images, so budget was the deciding factor for me at the time.

TIP: I rent cameras and lenses through

See what gear I use as a professional food photographer ranging from cameras and lenses to lighting equipment and travel bags. Read more.

My Lenses

50mm 1.8

This lens is one of the first lenses that I used on my starter camera and I still use it today. It is a solid prime lens and is super lightweight and easy to work with. I highly recommend this lens to newer photographers who want a high quality lens for an affordable price.

Nikkor 35mm 1.4

This is the lens I use most often. It’s a beautiful, full frame, prime lens that is super sharp and versatile for all kinds of food shots from overhead to angled and straight on.

Nikkor 105mm 2.8

This is my macro lens that lets me get up close to those wonderful food and drink details. I use this lens interchangeably with my 35mm 1.4 a lot.

Nikkor 14-24mm 2.8

This is a great ultra wide angle zoom lens. I use this lens when I’m on location to capture beautiful interior or exterior shots for my clients. It is a great lens for landscapes as well.

Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8

I rent this lens for shoots a lot and find it to be a really nice zoom lens that lets me get up close or further away without having to move myself or my tripod around too much. A lot of photographers prefer prime lenses over zoom lenses because the sharpness tends to be better on primes, I can confirm this zoom lens is beautifully sharp and is next on my list to buy.

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My Studio Lights


Paul C. Buff Stobes (x1600)


Soft Boxes

I have two of these indestructible, powerful strobes with two different types of modifiers (soft boxes and umbrellas). I use these lights at my home studio and bring them with me on location shoots when needed.


Genaray MonoBright Daylight LED

Soft Box for Genaray

Godox SL Series SLB60W

Diffusor and Grids for Godox

Softbox with Grid

Large Diffusor

I love these continuous lights. I actually find myself using my strobes more often than continuous lighting, but I definitely love these for when I’m shooting stop motion or video. These lights work beautifully for stills too.

Nikon SpeedLight with Trigger

SpeedLight Softbox Kit

I started my transition from natural light to studio light adventure with a speed light and a small softbox. I have two speed lights and I love keeping them around for shooting in smaller spaces.

Pocket Wizards Plus X

These are amazing and have been a total game changer for me and my strobe lights. You won’t need these if you’re using a continuous lighting setup. Pocket wizards allow my camera and strobes (or speed lights) to talk to each other wirelessly without having to use a sync cable from the lights to the camera. Fewer cables are always a good thing. You might need these adaptors to connect the pocket wizard cables to your strobes.


White Foam Board

Black Foam Board

Disc Reflectors

Large Diffuser

A photographer can never have too many light modifiers and diffusors. Am I right? 😉

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My Tripods

Manfrotto 055 Tripod with Ball Head

I use the Manfrotto in my home studio and when I’m on location. I have the Photek Tipod Extension Arm that allows my camera to reach further across the table for overhead shots. It’s sturdy, but works well in smaller spaces too.

Oben CT-3581

Along with the Manfrotto, I also have the Oben CT-3581 , which is lightweight for super easy travel. It’s a great tripod for a smaller space, but not quite as sturdy as the Manfrotto listed above. A cool feature is that the legs flip upside down and allow you to shoot overhead shots without needing an extension arm. However, the Photek Tipod Extension Arm works on this tripod as well.

NOTE: If the Oben is unavailable, this Geekoto is similar.

Shooting Overhead Shots

Personally, I don’t like dealing with tripod legs or extension arms for overhead shots, so I use this overhead setup in my home studio and on location, which results in beautiful overhead shots every time. It also allows me to use the Manfrotto tripod for my angled and straight on shots, so I’m ready for both types of shots on set.

Backup Batteries

I always have additional fully charged Nikon camera batteries at the ready in my home studio and in my camera bag when I’m on location. You never know when your camera battery will run out of juice, so I like to be prepared.

SD Cards

I always have extra SD cards on hand. While I do shoot tethered a lot (connected to my computer), this is a “peace of mind” thing for me to have on hand when I need them.

I also have a few of these tethering cables.

TIP: Check out more equipment in my Amazon Store.

See what gear I use as a professional food photographer ranging from cameras and lenses to lighting equipment and travel bags. Read more.

Travel Bags for Cameras & Lenses

Vanguard Camera Backpack (55T)

Last year I purchased the Vanguard Camera Backpack and I absolutely love it. It’s great for local travel as well as long distance travel. The ALTA 55T is the largest size you can get that will still fit in the overhead bins on airplanes and the four wheels make it super easy to pull along with you. It even swivels! You can also wear the Vanguard as a backpack, if you want. It fits all of my lenses, my camera body, my 13″ laptop along with several other compartments for extra batteries, chargers, cables, etc. Other backpack reco’s include:

ONA Camps Bay Camera and Laptop Backpack

Vanguard Alta Sky 45D Camera Backpack

Travel Bag for Lighting Equipment

Neewer Professional Camera Trolley Case

I use the Neewer Professional Camera Trolley Case for my studio lights. It’s very secure, rolls easily with the wheels and also comes with a lock for the zippers for extra security. Although I just purchased this travel case last year, I have traveled to Colorado and Florida for shoots and it has held up really well so far. It fits both of my studio lights and still has extra room for additional items, if needed.

Happy shooting!

TIP: Check out more equipment in my Amazon Store.

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